Get to know FILAMCCO deeper and understand why we are here.

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Mission and Vision:

We aim to assist all member organizations of the Filipino Community in initiating and advancing the civic, cultural, and professional interests of Filipino-Americans based in Michigan, as well as implementing meaningful projects, activities, and advocacy.

*Tax exempt under Internal Revenue Code (“IRC”) section 501(c)(3)*

Established in 1980, FILAMCCO is a Filipino-American community in Michigan that promotes the various interests of Filipino-Americans based in Michigan. FILAMCCO serves as a way for us to unite and maintain a close sense of brotherhood and sisterhood grounded on both Filipino and American cultures.

The unity we have within our members enable us to show our strength as an organization in terms of doing charity projects for the benefit of many. We help individuals in need, both in Michigan and in the Philippines.

Our members are growing by the number every day. We truly hope that you can join us in helping others not only for their brighter future but also for your sense of fulfillment.

We serve the following areas:

  • Southfield, MI
  • Warren, MI
  • Oak Park, MI
  • Sterling Heights, MI
  • Troy, MI
  • Ferndale, MI
  • Troy, MI
  • Beverly Hills, MI
  • Birmingham, MI
  • Bloomfield Hills, MI
  • Detroit, MI

Apart from the Philippines, we also help other developing countries through our programs and projects.

If you have further questions, please call 248-443-7037.