Carefully designed charity projects for the betterment of our recipients.

volunter passing bottled water
FILAMCCO coordinates and facilitates charity projects for those in need. Our projects focus on the following:

  • Collaborate with Phil Embassy on dual citizenship
  • Health Care Fair
  • Medical Missions
  • Humanitarian aid, primarily donations to victims of a crisis

These charity projects are organized with the aim of providing our recipients with the chance to build better lives for themselves and their families. Furthermore, the implementation of these projects are all thanks to the members of the organization, the Filipino-American community in Michigan, and sponsors and donors like you!

We hope to continue serving our recipients until the entire world becomes a better place for everyone. Donate, sponsor, or volunteer today!

If you have more questions about our charity projects or about our organization, in general, kindly talk to us at 248-443-7037.